The offer of a contract

The offer of a contract for my debut novel.Seriously?

I don’t know what I expected when I saw the email from the publishers. Maybe a phone call, with the Star Spangled Banner playing in the background. I stared at the email. Shut my phone off. Walked around a bit. Mopped my brow. Sat on the sofa. Switched phone back on, and yup, it was still there, with the most startling message…

I thought it must be a joke – or more likely I’d sent my manuscript to a PAY AS YOU GO Self- publishing affair – (not that’s a bad thing of course) but I felt sure I hadn’t. Then I began thinking this must be a scam. Really. You hear of all sorts.I researched the company again. Honestly! I doubted myself, not them.I have to be frank when I received the offer  – it still felt just as unreal as the pandemic – but the reasons for wanting to share my news- is not just the obvious – a selfish one –to get the word about –  I hope a few of my words have been helpful and some hope to anyone who have not had much luck with getting their work published…. yet.

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  • Hywela Lyn

    Congratulations Lynn! I can understand your disbelief! It's so fantastic to be accepted by a publisher - a sort of vindication that someone else thinks your books is good and needs to be read by other people. When I had my first acceptance, after several rejections, I'd just come home from hospital after a hip operation, and my husband said there was an email from the Wild Rose Press for me on my computer. I couldn't walk to my desktop and didn't have internet connection on my phone at the time, so I had to wait while he printed it off. It took ages and I wondered why he was taking so long to print off a simple 'thanks but not quite suitable for us' email. When he eventually came back with several pages of a Contract, I nearly collapsed with shock. Yes, the keyword is 'perseverance'. If you really want to be published by a traditional publisher or small press, keep trying. Even best selling authors will have all had their share of rejections, but it didn't stop them!

    • manager

      Hi Lyn - how lovely of you to post on my blog. I sincerely believe if it hadn't been for a friend who gave me a little kick up the bottom I really wouldnt have got this far. I hope you are okay and we can catch up next zoom.

    • manager

      Hi, I've been asked to a writers in residence. Arggh, scared and joyous at the same time. I re-read your story about getting your contract and couldnt stop giggling. I will, if you dont mind, possibly add some of that to my spiel as the disbelief was similarly amazing!

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