I’m going to be on radio!

I’m going to be on Frome Radio! FWC’s WRITERS ON RADIO:

96.6 FM Next show: October 15th 2-3 pm It all seems a little crazy. I thought it was going to happen a couple of weeks ago, but the date was pushed to 15th October. Scary! The Wurzel I thought I lost so many years ago has returned. So please share in the giggle of little ‘ol me giving an interview on Frome Radio.

I find it amazing that people ask for my autograph. I am gratified by the kindness of those who have bought my book – hardcopy and kindle and have given such brilliant reviews. I find I am dumbfounded when asked to sign my book. Simply amazing stuff. From a simple kind of girl, who started life in a very simple place, who write stories for pleasure, for people to enjoy, and to acknowledge survivors my debut is out on Amazon.

Books and Authors – interviews with Lynn Griffin, Annette Burkitt and Amy Jeffs. PODCASTS of past shows here:



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