They are passing it on

They are passing it on! It’s actually got past go!

Impossible, right? But it happened. I instantly began building a very high wall along with knitting a steel suit of armour waiting for the rejection.  

Well, we all know rejection can happen.

Then, for some weird reason a wave of calm floated into my psyche. (Most unusual.) This time I became pragmatic – (even more unusual) – if it should be rejected – what have I lost?

In fairness, it took guts for me to send the manuscript, but it takes guts and conviction for a publisher to put their money where their mouth is. Even then, there is no guarantee it’ll sell.

I can start over – there was interest expressed after all, which is a postitive start.

The facts are plain – if a whole bunch of great people hadn’t supported me in my efforts, and, if certain people hadn’t given me the much needed boot up the bum to send my novel out into the world – it would never have got this far…

I already knew I was lucky to have them in my life – this proved the point all over again.

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