A few Christmas wishes

  • It was just after Christmas 2020 when I finished my novel and was brave enough to submit to a publisher. It was something I never thought I would ever do as I didn’t have the confidence. That was until a friend said, “do it before you pop your clogs mate!”
  • It was the push I needed, after all, did I really want my epitaph to read, “shoulda, woulda, coulda?”
  • Then the Big Bad Wolf was at our door and life turned upside down.
  • The following Christmas our government told us we were allowed to bubble with six people only. It was so very difficult. My daughter was pregnant and going into labour, yet I had other family who I needed to help and to see. What to do. The dilemma was there for everyone.
  • I know I’m not the only one to have a story around this part of our lives, some tragic and I’m so sorry. I consider myself lucky and wish I could give everyone around the world a big hug. It won’t make anything better, but the sentiment is that during that immediate period of emotional turmoil, grief, and terror, we all pulled together.
  • We pulled together as a nation.
  • We pulled together as humans across the world.
  • Those world divides and barriers started to fall away.
  • We worked together.
  • We shared knowledge.
  • We gave each other hope.
  • Life took on totally different meanings to so many.
  • One of survival. Acts of caring. Offering to help. Speaking to one another, albeit from a distance and across the road. I have never been through a war. This was a war that we fought together. The Invisible Big Bad Wolf still lurks at our door, but we are survivors. My books are about survivors, love, care and those characters that are evil, but shine because you love to hate them.
  • My wishes for Christmas are considered pie in the sky? I am a dreamer. I am a writer. But we can re-write history.
  • Wars stop.
  • Humans continue to look after one another.
  • The leaders of the world unite. and stop looking at themselves for a moment but to their family.
  • I’m preaching. I know. But we only borrow existence on our beautiful earth. We only live on for a nanosecond. It should be looked after. It should nurture and prepare the next generation of everything that grows.
  • Christmas is a time for sharing, a time for giving.
  • The world has gone a little mad again, but when I reflect on those early days when The Big Bad Wolf was at our door – people opened their eyes and looked at the world in in wonder. They saw trees of green, skies of blue, petals on flowers and bees taking nectar and said I love you….

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