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Please welcome Terry Segan to my blog – it’s so great you’ve managed to take time out of your busy schedule to chat with us about your new release:

 The Jelly Bean Jump Project, a wonderful Time Travelling Romance.

Why not check out my review on Goodreads.

Being the nosy sort, I always like to start out by learning more about new authors to my blog. After reading this, no doubt you will find it as interesting as me. Especially living in the desert! Wow.


Terry Segan, originally from Commack, NY, now resides in the desert where she’ll never require an ice scraper or snow shovel again. The beach is her happy place, but any opportunity to travel soothes her gypsy soul. The stories conjured by her imagination while riding backseat on her husband’s motorcycle can be found throughout the pages of her paranormal mysteries. Growing up immersed in sarcastic humor and science fiction movies, Terry’s goals are to cause her readers to laugh out loud, cry with joy, or cower under the covers wondering if the noise under the bed was real or imagined.


Keira longed to do something amazing with her life. When offered a chance to join a time travel program, she didn’t hesitate. With her soulmate by her side, nothing could be more perfect.

Grayson never believed happiness would find him until he met Keira. Lightning struck twice when both got accepted into The Jelly Bean Jump Project, a time travel experiment. Only a handful of applicants made the cut each year.

One of the requirements—no family ties. Keira and Grayson were alone in the world except for each other. An adventure of a lifetime awaited, until a glitch in the system threatened to tear them apart. Would they walk away from their fantasy or surrender their hearts in exchange?

I found myself asking so many questions about the Jelly Bean Jump Project. Such an intriguing title to start with. I also loved the characters and the play on the year it begins. It’s such a delightfully romantic view of lovers, loving one another so deeply. How wonderful to have such passion, drive and courage.

I thought it would be too good an opportunity to miss not to ask for an excerpt – and I’m so pleased Terry has shared a clip with us.


After picking up my tray, I searched for my boyfriend. He hadn’t arrived yet, so I took a seat next to my roommate, Sandra. I set my book on the chair to my right.

“Sometimes I feel like we’re in prison wearing these dang uniforms,” Sandra said.

“I must admit, I do miss my skirts and capris, and it’s only been a week! At least we don’t have to wear those nerdy boots like the security staff.” I sprinkled sugar over my cereal and mixed it in.

“Someone’s got a sweet tooth.” The chair beside me scraped back.

“Desmond, I’m saving that for Grayson.”

He tossed my book onto the table before placing his own tray down and sitting. “You two aren’t joined at the hip, you know. He can sit across from you.” His shoulder rubbed against mine. “Besides, why should he get all the attention from the best-looking doll here.”

I scooted closer to Sandra. “Do you mind? I’m eating.” While Desmond’s looks rivaled the most dashing actors in Hollywood, his arrogance raked through me like fingernails on a chalkboard. His relentless flirting repulsed me, especially because Grayson and I were obviously a couple.

“Good morning, ladies. Ready for another day of Time Travel 101?” Grayson plunked down across from me.

“I could do that stuff in my sleep. Why do we have to get stuck with an instructor who is such a snooze?” Desmond shovelLed eggs into his mouth. “Sorry to take your seat, Gray. Keira insisted.” He nudged me with his elbow.

Before I could protest, Grayson jumped in. “Don’t worry about it, Des. From here I get to stare into those amazing blue eyes.” He kept his sight locked on my face.

A warm blush filled my cheeks. I looked down, batted my eyelashes, and giggled like a schoolgirl. “Why thank you, sir.”

“I don’t know whether to feel ill or jealous at the way you two fawn over each other,” Sandra said. Her comment had been directed at Grayson and me, but her gaze focused on Desmond.

This is a brilliant excerpt from your novel Terry, it certainly gives a flavour of what to expect.

I’m also thrilled you managed to interview a couple of your characters. I bet it was hard to pin them down? Come on, let’s take a look at what’s going on so we can get an even deeper view of the characters with this…

Character Interview:

Sandra, you’re Keira’s roommate. Do you consider yourselves friends?

Well, gosh, of course I do! She’s the sister I never had. We tell each other everything, especially how she feels about Grayson.

How does Keira feel about Grayson?

They’re the cutest couple. I can’t believe how in love they are. Nothing will ever separate those two. I only wish Desmond would look at me the way Grayson looks at her. Maybe someday…

So, you and Desmond are a couple?

What? Oh, no. I didn’t mean to make you think…he’s just…I guess you could say we’re coworkers. Or friends. Yeah, we’re friends. But maybe someday there’ll be more between us. He’s just so dreamy.

Why did you join The Jelly Bean Jump Project?

Because they asked me to. Since you can only participate if you don’t have any family, I qualified, along with having a degree in astrophysics. What else would I do with no family, home, or even other job offers? It’s the 1950s and most people believe the only place for me is in the kitchen with a baby on my hip. Not that I wouldn’t want that, of course, but maybe someday it’ll happen. Maybe with Desmond.

Now we’re going over to have a quick chat with Desmond:

Desmond, how did you get into The Jelly Bean Jump Project?

How? They begged me to participate! Sure, I had other offers, but a project like this could really benefit from my intellect. I couldn’t let them do this without me.

How do you feel about Sandra?

Who? Oh, you mean Keira’s roommate. A little too mousy for my taste. Now Keira, she’s one hot number, and it’ll only be a matter of time before she and I get better acquainted, if you catch my drift.


What about Grayson? He and Keira appear devoted to each other.

That chump? He’s yesterday’s news. Keira needs a real man who knows how to handle a sexy babe like her. I plan to have her by my side permanently while leaving Grayson in the past where he belongs.

What makes you so sure you can turn Keira’s head?

You’re kidding, right? What woman could resist this perfect body and face? Believe me she’s already looking my way. Keira may be trying to hide her feelings, but I know what’s really going on. Grayson doesn’t stand a chance next to me.

You certainly crafted the perfect antagonist Terry. What an ego ! I loved to hate Desmond, Terry! Just as well I haven’t physically met him, he’d get short shrift from me. ?

Again, thank you so much for joining me and sharing your brilliant new release with my readers Terry. I wish you all the very best. And that’s not all folks. If you’d like to find out more about Terry Segan why not hop on over to her links:

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  • Terry Segan

    Lynn, thanks so much for allowing me a visit on your blog.

  • Terry Segan

    Lynn, thanks so much for hosting me on your wonderful blog!

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      I'm so pleased. Lets sort out a date. Mary is here 26th June. World is your oyster from today?

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    The book is terrific. Lynn thanks for a great interview of Terry! Happy sales!

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    Fun excerpt and character interview! Best of luck with your book, Terry.?

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