To the basics:

There are many ways to get published. I personally found searching for the right publisher and sending the initial enquiry was harder than writing the novel itself!

But I guess you already know that if you’ve already started the process –  or have been fortunate enough to be published (so apologies to my esteemed authors) if this is you.

It’s true though isn’t it. You are literally selling yourself, and your book. What I quickly discovered – every publisher has their own unique criteria. Without filling in their forms meticulously, or completing their exacting requirements, they will put you in the sin bin for sure.

Besides, think about it. If you haven’t bothered, why should they.  Who wants to work with lazy?

My old Writers Year Handbook came in handy as the new ones don’t list publishers as thoroughly as they used to – I guess because everything is online – anyway, I began by starting at the back and working forward.

My checklist became this:

Do they print your genre?

Did you fully research the publishing house?

Do they want you to go through an agent?

Go online and check they are open for submissions or phone them!

 .    There is no point in sending your manuscript with the notion that ‘publishers are a one size fits all.’  

  • And just in case you don’t get my meaning: There is no point in sending  them a scientific journal when they are only into erotica.
  • And as to that:  ‘just in case’ attitude, because ‘once they see my baby they’ll change their mind…’ it would be pure madness, now wouldn’t it. Plus, it is wasting Your valuable Time AND Effort.

Know this, it is difficult to even get past ‘go’ in the publishing world – what with the infamous slush pile, or the comeback that their list is full until the year dot. It most probably is.

At the risk of repeating myself and in brief:

1. We all know there is a massive amount of competition out there – just check statistics on Amazon – scary – but don’t be put off!

2. Don’t waste your energy doing half a job. Publishers won’t waste their energy on you.

3. Check you are not sending your scientific journal to an erotica publishing house – even though they say science to can be sexy – it’s not that kind of sexy! AND MY MANTRA:

4. DON’T GIVE UP – get it out there before you pop your clogs…

p.s. I ACTUALLY SENT OUT AN ENQUIRY  –A significant step forward!

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