I thought we’d have a bit of a game.  In the next 5 posts I am posing a question for you to collect the answers to.

Time is ticking by –launch date of The Twenty-One-Year Contract- 9th May!

Fab friends suggested I should do a launch party, especially as Covid prevented one last year! But where, what, and when should I do it?

Here goes the quiz part 1:


‘After a glass of water, Jack made himself a cup of tea and returned to the job in hand. This was going to be much harder than he could ever have imagined. Working deep through the night, Jack methodically sifted through volumes of paperwork until light inched its way through the curtain. Though he felt thoroughly ready for bed, he continued searching, his aim to find at least a smidgen of information about his niece. Randomly tidying up as he went, Jack noticed an encyclopaedia oddly extended over one of the top shelves. He tried pushing it back into place. It was jammed. It looked awkward. Pulling it out to check the depth of the book, he found a box file hidden behind. Upon the side panel was one word, capitalized in thick bold lettering: KATHLEEN As the hazy sunlight grew, Jack pulled the curtains to lend natural light, took the file off the shelf, sat back in Henry’s chair, and looked inside…’

Interview 1.

“Jack, how are you doing?”

“I’m fine. Well, as best as it gets in the circumstances, but it’s Kathleen I’m worried about. She’s so frail, so lost. I’ve no idea how to look after her or what to do, or how I’m going to be a parent to her. As you know I don’t live in the UK, my work takes me all over the world and my base is in the US. Kathleen needs stability, love, and the care of her mother her father, but then of course…” He sighed and rubbed a hand worriedly through his hair. “I will have to work out something but what…”

Question 1: Where is Jack’s base? Easy as that!

What to do with your answer? Either post your comment in the comment box or save them all and post them altogether on my @LBGriffinAuthor facebook (Direct message) the first one out of the hat will be the winner for a free Kindle copy of new release The Twenty-One- Year Contract

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