Frozen – in time or space

Cars, grass, trees were all  frozen today, and its nearly end of April! Mind you, back in ‘76, yes, I can remember that long ago, (but of course I was just a babe in arms). Anyhow – we were stranded in Bath after a snowfall so deep we couldn’t get home. Luckily, good kind souls put us up! I’ve never forgotten that kindness.

Anyway, I’ve felt stranded lately – unable to blog because of that last galley – writing, checking edits, proof reading. It seems no matter how many times the writer reads – mistakes can be left behind, skipped over. That’s why a fresh pair of eyes on your work is important. I guess you know that right? A friend, who is a whizz at grammar etc agreed to proofread. In fact, it was me who asked her, but I now realise what a great big butt cheek of an ask it was in the first place! No. Not going there. Her friendship far too important to accept her generous agreement. I will rely entirely on the editor and proof-reader provided – and hopefully I’ve done my bit.

Wow. It’s been quite a journey so far – and there’s more to come.

Well, the final galley came through – I say final, there is still more to do. Who would have thought it? I can’t believe just how much work has to be done to before the final stages and a release date. But I can tell you my heart popped when I saw the title and the way my book will look! But seeing it all there  – with my name on the front page – and the copyright bits with ISBN. Happy. Nervous. Scared. Quaking in my boots. Still of moth in headlights. Surely the word excitement should be the first word on my lips, but no. But then I do weird quite a lot. Well, life’s too short isn’t it. So I say stay weird. Then I cant be blamed for the odd stuff that happens.

I just had a thought. If you are struggling to move forward with your own work, and fancied sharing a smidgen, a first line –  or moot an idea, I’m happy to try and share some thoughts with you. You can do this publicly or in a private message. I don’t mind. Oh and by the way – you may not have guessed – really – my blogging skills are not up to scratch – I’m still learning. So thank you to those who have responded to my blogs and sincere apologies for not responding immediately. I genuinely did not spot the messages until today. Thank you for your interest and valuable comments I really appreciate them. Anyway, have a fab Thursday ?

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