The Twenty One Year Contract – galley almost ready!

So what is a galley exactly? Those who have been published will know, those who have not, may have an idea. I had no idea until I received mine. Bearing in mind Secrets, Shame and a Shoebox was my first novel and all brand new to me. The galley is your complete novel, but with each line numbered. This is organised by your editor. This gives you, as the writer, the chance to read each line and identify problems. Your editor would have gone through and adjusted your work, if felt necessary. (I have been told I have spelling mistakes in my posts) Apologies! Oddly I find going line by line, hearing it using the ‘read aloud’ facility is enlightening. I want it to be right for the reader as much as for me. I suggest you try it. If your work stumbles or hiccups, then it might not be fluid enough and may require re-working. The proof reader has an entirely different job. They don’t alter your work, they just read to find typos and grammatical errors. Again this is interesting. I’ve found some since it has been proof read. I firmly believe there will be a spelling mistake somewhere, but hope there wont be. I hate spelling mistakes. It’s been difficult for me though because I am writing for an American company and I am English. We speak the same language don’t we? No, no, no! I am learning that fact all the time and its confusing! We have different meanings and spellings. I am struggling at times to make sure that the spellings are right and at times I think this is fuddling my head. Anyway, I am excited to think the next novel is almost ready to send back to my editor. I would be really grateful if you could post my link to your friends and family. It’s important to get word out there. If you are writing you will soon learn this little fact. Thanks guys.

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