Create your own world – write it yourself…


There isn’t one… not in my world.

On balance. Well, I’m obviously not that balanced – from what I’ve just read online, I’m a dreamer and a wannabe walking in the shadows of published authors. However, I do have a manuscript. No, not the one I’ve sent an enquiry about, which by the way is Historical. When I realised that its genre I found it hysterical! I actually remember the era – does this make me officially ancient?

Anyway, back to the manuscripts I spoke of earlier. They have been sat alongside the others – on that dusty shelf, patiently waiting for the mega re-write.

My plan is to share two of them with you. Part one will be a short story and part two the full blown novel. They are lightly connected. It will of course come in chunks.

As the above title suggests – none of it is glossy or shiny or perfect, or ready for a publisher. It is still in its very raw state and it will be posted for free. So please be gentle.

If you decide to be generous and stick with me and read the short story and / or the novel, may I ask please you consider donating to one of my favoured charities – or to your own. Only do this if you want to, and only what you can afford. I thank you in advance.

My chosen charities are:

Comic Relief 😊 I think you will understand once you begin to read it why I selected Comic Relief.

Myeloma UK – receives no Government funding and relies almost entirely on voluntary donations and fundraising.

Thank you.

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