Luck on my side

Sometimes you can change your luck as you are about to find out….

Here we are, back to my initial enquiry with a publisher – months passed, and rejection loomed. Then something stirred in my gut, and I decided to write to them again, polite and to the point, especially as they didn’t state: ‘if you don’t hear back within 3 months, bog off.’

My email went something like this –

“Did they receive my enquiry. If they were not interested could they please let me know so I could move on. Thank you.”

Yup, as simple as that.

An email bounced back, almost instantly, bearing in mind the time difference Eastern Time – New York – with something like:  ‘no didn’t receive, can’t find it, can you resend?’ President/Editor-in-Chief!

OMG! Seriously? I didn’t send it? Is it still floating around in the ether? All this time wasted, wondering! And YES, I know my IT skills are rubbish!

I checked and double checked. Scrolled through the months…

Hey ho. Of course, I’ll resend. I’m not about to argue now, am I?

Another email arrived shortly after – from the President/Editor-in-Chief – will pass on to Editor!

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