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I have the great pleasure of welcoming Mystery, Fiction Author Kerry Freeman to my blog. I am also delighted to learn her new book ‘Sedona’ has been set for release on 15th November 2023!


Kerry Fryar Freeman crafts fiction as if it were a new puzzle. The settings are real and well-researched, the details are rich and layered, and the stories absorb and propel readers one piece at a time. Kerry’s debut novel, SEDONA: A NOVEL, was long-listed for the Santa Fe Writers Project Literary Award. Kerry also writes a blog called “Books and Bevies,” where she features an array of authors from New York Times and Amazon bestsellers to debut Indie gems. Books and Bevies can be found on her website or by following her on Twitter @KerryFFreeman and Instagram @Books_and_Bevies. Kerry currently resides in North Carolina.

Hi, Kerry, welcome to my blog. I know my readers would love to hear about your new book Sedona. I am thrilled not only have you have provided the blurb which gives a little insight, but better still we also have an excerpt, and your personal journey to publication! So grab a drink readers, relax and enjoy…. 


Sedona, AZ, is a tourist town that lures people from around the world who believe there is more beyond the veil of reality. They come for the whispering pines, Hopi legends, vortices, magic crystals, and healing springs. Enter Cal Novak, a spunky editor from Atlanta, Georgia, who gives up the city life because she is searching for more: more time, more adventure, more meaning. The magic of her new hometown does not disappoint. Behind the curtain of every window, there are secrets waiting to be uncovered. For those searching for more, there’s no place like Sedona.


“This is about legacy; this is about the legacy that was left before us. It’s about the land, the trees, the water, the buttes, the canyons, the tribes, the people…you can’t just appear and understand it all. Once you’re rooted, it flows through you; it speaks to you; it lives in you. You will never get that because you’re not part of that. You work up there on that butte with someone who couldn’t care less about what we are, who we are, and you think you have it all figured out. I feel bad for you, Cal, tumbleweeding along. You’re just dry roots, rot, dust in the wind. We don’t need you anymore. Get out!” Tommy yelled.

The bar was silent, every face turned toward Tommy and Cal. He could see Cal’s eyes starting to water, red flushing her cheeks, a slight shake of her hands as she removed them from her glass. Noise returned to the bar, but Tommy’s eyes were once again unmoving. “If it’s really more than that,” Cal said, her voice quivering, “then you deal with your own mess. I’m out.” Cal stood up and walked away.

“Hey, Cal!” Des shouted. “Wait up.” 

The words fell hard on Tommy, much harder than he anticipated. There was a weight that he hadn’t felt in a long time: responsibility. It was time to take matters into his own hands.

The book sounds really intriguing – and I’m so looking forward to reading the rest…

Kerry, as I already said I know how many budding writers on their search to be published are interested to know how you gained success. It’s a question I’m often asked, so thank you for sharing your journey to publication…

My Publishing Journey

First of all, authors were always rock stars in my eyes. As a kid, I spent more time reading about the authors than reading their books. I wanted to understand how they could create these stories that captivated a place in my mind that no one else saw. As a high school student, I loved how everyone in the room was impacted differently by a book we read in class and how our experiences shaped the stories into something we wanted or needed to hear.

It wasn’t until I finished my first novel, SEDONA, that I respected authors’ tremendous responsibility to craft a story worth reading. I’ve written manuscripts that will never see the light of day, but SEDONA was different. It asks a universal question about belonging, family, and home. Through its characters, we find bits of ourselves grappling with our relationships, our past, our need to be in community. There’s banter, laughter, and perhaps tears, but most of all, there’s a hint of magic. SEDONA is a modern reimaging of The Wizard of Oz filled with archetypes yet subtle, an undercurrent of the familiar. I knew it needed to be published.

There were countless rejections, advice from agents and publishers, and it was victorious when I signed a contract for publication. I can’t wait for the world to be transported to SEDONA and jump to the story.

Congratulations on your perseverance Kerry. I think all budding writers will be heartened by this story. We hear of rejection so many times, and rejection is so hard to take, and I wish you every success for your future.


And that’s not all folks…

If you would like to know more about Kerry and her books why not check her out below.



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Don’t forget if you want to talk to Kerry about all things writing, I know she would love to hear from you. All you need to do is post in the comment box below, or message her directly. Thank you. 

And thank you Kerry for spending your valuable time with us. I guess we can let get back to writing your next plot… I’m looking forward to reading SEDONA in the meantime!

I absolutely love interviewing authors, and find it fascinating to hear their stories. 

If you are an author and would like a guest spot, post me a comment.

If you are a budding writer check out some of my other blog posts, you may find some of your own experiences inside one of them… Happy reading – Happy writing… DEBUT – Secrets, Shame, and a Shoebox standalone and The Twenty-One-Year Contract, sequel to Secrets, Shame and a Shoebox, also standalone. Available in all good book stores – also Amazon – Kindle – Kobo – Nook – @thewildrosepress

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  • Kim Janine Ligon

    Your book sounds intriguing Kerry. Happy sales to you. Lynn thanks for introducing A debut author to us! Adding to my TBR.

    • manager

      It's great to share the love Kim. Thanks for commenting, I really appreciate it and I'm sure Kerry will also.

    • Kerry Freeman

      Kim, thank you for adding Sedona to your TBR. I hope you enjoy the journey down the red rock road! 🥂✨🌵👠

  • Ilona Fridl

    I love the sound of your story. Best wishes!

    • Kerry Freeman

      Thank you Ilona! It is truly a fun read that will keep you wanting more. (Totally unbiased opinion 😆)

    • manager

      Thank you Ilona, I will notify Kerry - I'm sorry I didnt pick this up for approval, I have been away for a month. Happy holidays.

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