I started this blog as I have a few stories I wanted to get off my chest. I have accepted the offer of a contract for my debut novel – Its Historical fiction set in the 50’s – which I hope will be published this year. At the moment, I am unable to reveal anything [...]

So, you want to write a novel? Well, first find the plot –sprinkle in a variety of believable characters and start writing: ‘one word at a time – it’s that easy and that hard:’ Neil Gaiman. Writing is a lonely occupation. Surround yourself with like-minded people. If you haven’t already

To the basics: There are many ways to get published. I personally found searching for the right publisher and sending the initial enquiry was harder than writing the novel itself! But I guess you already know that if you’ve already started the process –  or have been fortunate enough to be publ

The offer of a contract will never happen unless you get it out there. Obvious? Of course it is, but not for me. My hand was about to shove the manuscript back on a dusty shelf alongside all the rest – when the niggle started. Well meaning people (you know who you are), were starting [...]

Create your own world – write it yourself… THE SHINY PERFECT MANUSCRIPT.   There isn’t one… not in my world. On balance. Well, I’m obviously not that balanced – from what I’ve just read online, I’m a dreamer and a wannabe walking in the shadows of published authors. However, I do ha

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