Okay lets think about that novel or short story that is burning a hole in your head. It has to be told, but how and where to start?

Just start writing, one word at a time. It is said to be that easy, but it is, I agree, it really is that hard.

You may not want to use all of the following but they are ideas for you to consider.


Do I have a plot, or will the characters drive the story?

Do you have an arc to your story, and do you have idea how you want it to end?

Okay if you have ANY of this WRITE it down. NOW. Don’t prevaricate. Do it. Make that vital start. Just the bones of your story will get you on the move.

ACTION “Action expresses priorities” Mahatma Ghandi.

I think it is important that there is tension, intrigue (to keep the appetite to want to read on).

What is the purpose of your story? What do you want to say to your reader? Or what do you want to write for yourself. Whatever it is you are important. If you have something to say, its important. Do it. Write it down. “Full effort is a full victory” Mahatma Ghandi.

What book have you read recently that grabbed your attention. Why? What was it that you felt was good about it?

I always use stickers in books, so I can go back to a particular page that got me thinking. So that I could re-read later.


Where do my characters live? Who are they? What are their motives?

Check out their personalities and be consistent.

It’s rare the leopard changes its spots, unless you are aiming for a personality transformation. That happens. The light bulb moment, when a person realises just how horrible, or easy walked over they are.

ACTION plan what comes next.

ACTION what important thing is waiting to be discovered

ACTION how to get out of a situation

HOW THE STORY ENDS. It’s a good idea to have something to work toward. Fill in the bits in the middle as you go.

Just as an aside. I’ve discovered this world of being published is not just the joy of writing. Most publishers have decided it is too expensive to do marketing for their authors so the burden rests on us.

If you should read my book, thank you. I would be eternally gratefully for a kind review. It is that that will allow me to continue doing the thing I love. Write. Take care.

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