I loved this post… and when I can find who posted it I will give them the credit.

‘You can avoid fluff in your writing by:
📌 Writing with a plan in mind
📌 Have a strong introduction
📌 Avoid stating the obvious
📌 Showing and not telling (There is a difference!)

Common fluff words to edit out include some of the following:
• That, really, just and if
• Actually, basically, and absolutely
• Stuff and things
• Kind of and sort of
• Completely and entirely’

Of course there is more. I write loads, then have to cut out the ‘fluff’ later. I learned these wonderful tips when my editor offered her advice. Amazing. I found it It really cut down on my word count (which was necessary) and improved the flow. I honestly felt it improved my writing.

Why not give it a go?

Write with purpose and with an end goal in mind 🥰