A question of marketing

This may seem shameful to all of you reading this, but I am asking you for your help. IT IS I KNOW a HUGE favour.

You may have seen my debut novel is out there. It’s been an amazing journey so far. Would you be kind enough to help? My story is one that I wanted to share with the world because I believe it touches many people lives. Even though it is based in the 1950s, a lot of the content remains true, even today.

You have been a terrific audience and have made fantastic comments. If you could be so kind to help I would be so grateful.


My favour is – would you be kind enough to share Secrets Shame and a Shoebox to all your friends, family and anyone else you know! It would be fantastic to push it over the 100 sales mark, and I’m nearly there.

It’s been put on a Kindle Sale for Christmas. I think sharing/reading a book to someone is a wonderful gift. It’s affordable and fun.

Here’s hoping you will not switch off and say, stick that for a game of soldiers – just one sale might tip the scales in my favour.

Thank you so much for reading this far! And thank you for any help in promotion. You see I think we can help one another. This is a community of follow and shares and that’s how we can get our names out there in such a huge pool of writers writing and being noticed. I would be happy to share and follow you as a way of complimenting your help.


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