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I remember going to Bath University for a weekend creative writing course. The Lecturer had just sold her novel and of course, was quite rightly promoting it.

There were few things that came out of that experience… A real positive, was meeting a whole bunch of like minded people. Though there were a couple of snooty lavender ladies that looked down their nose at me. Hey ho!

But I think I was the winner, and I also managed to set up a writing group off the back of it and it has been going strong since. Well, until Covid, and that’s really been hard to maintain interest. I wonder how many of us have found writing an escape out of reality? We’ve been zooming, but many don’t like zoom, though it has it place. Especially as I don’t have to drive in the dead of night to see people. I love seeing my writing buddies face to face though.

Going back to that creative writing weekend, the lecturer wrote upon the board to consider this as a template:

Once upon a time there was_____ And every day_____ Then one day_____And because of that_______And because of that_____And  because of that______Until finally_______

The Lecturer also said you could also think about the story of Cinderella, when writing a story. The notion being that it takes you on a journey, in fact, just as it does above.

Now here is another bit of information I can share as a guide – this was shared by one of my author colleagues and I thought I’d like to share with you.

Well that’s all for now folks! Take from this what you will and happy writing. Good luck with your work!

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  • Nikki Copleston

    Interesting approach! And if we look at most classic fairy tales, they are adaptable to the present day.

    • manager

      Absolutely. In fact I'm attempting something right now. Would love someone to co-author!

    • manager

      Did I respond to you Nikki? I think I did. And yes, I agree, many fairy tales have been adapted in so many ways.

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