What happened next…

After initial communications with the President/Editor-in-Chief – another real live editor sent an email asking me to send the full manuscript – to properly evaluate!At this point I felt real terror – terrified I might get laughed right out of the water once she sees the whole thing…. knitting the steel wool of armour commenced.Then, communications started drifting in from across the Atlantic. Then, MUCH later: email – from editor with … ‘just in case we do accept for publication – please complete attached forms ….’We were in the first flush of the Covid pandemic, and my daughter had just given birth to her second beautiful daughter.

Can any of this be for real?

Here I would like to stop pause to pay tribute to the NHS. I cannot express enough gratitude to all the NHS staff who took such good care of my family – and are still taking such good care of all of us today. How lucky we are.

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