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shǒu xiān , wǒ cóng yí gè qǐng qiú kāi shǐ。tā yǐng xiǎng zhe zhěng gè shì jiè。rú guǒ nǐ zài yí gè gòng chǎn zhǔ yì guó jiā , nà me zhè kě néng duì nǐ lái shuō gèng nán yuè dú。wǒ zhǐ xiǎng wèn , rú guǒ nǐ néng chōu chū shí jiān , fēn xiǎng zhè gè liàn jiē 。tā bú shì lā jī yóu jiàn。xiè xiè。



Planning sensibly without becoming obsessed. IT IS NOT HEALTHY.

Finding the time to write that doesn’t upset you or others! That’s important because a happy life is a healthy life.

Finding the right material that fires your imagination

To continue with your writing, and writing it, so that it becomes engaging to the reader,

Most importantly, it must be interesting to or you won’t be motivated. Obvious right?

At the risk of boring you to death:

Like what you are writing because you will fail at that first hurdle. It will become a chore and boring. You will see what I mean later.

All of that may or may not resonate with you, but these are only my thoughts so far.

If you can set yourself a time and find the space that is uninterrupted then great. You have no need to read further. However, if this is becoming an issue, you will have to become ingenious in your goal setting.

TARGET SETTING – BE SMART – and I don’t mean get dressed up in your Sunday best or wear a floppy hat and flipflops to write.

Here is a great way to think about target setting – its an oldie but a goodie

SMART as an acronym: Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Realistic and Time related.

Ask yourself these questions by breaking them down

Specific: What is it you’re going to write and where

Measurable: How many words do you want to try to achieve in a day or week or month

Achievable: set yourself a goal that is achievable – or you will fail

Realistic: can you really write 20,000 words in 2 hours? Just write what you can. Don’t push it.

Time related: If you have been given a deadline then you will need to work out how much time you will need to spend to achieve it. If you are setting yourself a goal,then make sure it’s realistic and achievable.  See where I’m going with this? Just do the SMART test.

Ask yourself when is a good time for you to be able to fit writing around your lifestyle?

If you are keen to write, you will find a way. I promise. I’ve said this a million times, I always wrote around the full-time paid job, in the morning, before I went to work, and if there was an ounce of creative juice left in me, when I came home, after cooking the dinner, putting the kids in the dustbin, and shampooing the next-door neighbour’s dog. Okay so I was tired a lot of the time, and I am joking!

Don’t become obsessed – it’s not healthy.

The Nanowrimo is a perfect example of how some writers have pushed themselves through the ‘I can’t finish my story, or I can’t get motivated’ barrier. I guess you’ve heard of Nanowrimo? It is done during the month of November. Check it out online if you haven’t, you may find it helpful. Some of my writing friends who have strayed, got stuck, or haven’t been able to move forward, told me about it. Some have finished a book using this system. I find I can’t use this to my advantage. I’m not a machine and I like freedom, not a box of time. I can only do a bit at a time, when the characters are speaking to me, when my imagination takes over and I feel ready.

I do have a plan, though I’m not obsessed. That would be hideous. I wouldn’t have a life outside of writing, and that’s not healthy for anyone’s mindset. But I am deeply motivated to write. So I do.

I like to write at least once a day. Even if it’s doing a blog, like now, or tweeting, or other social media posts. That way I’m keeping myself in the loop. Though at times social media drives me crazy. There’s so much going on I can easily get side-tracked, and marketing, well don’t get me started on that! Sometimes I won’t write for a week.

Another reason to think about the amount of time you want to spend on your work may be governed by your lifestyle. I used to write around the full-time paid job. I’m a morning person. I would get up at 6.00 and fly out the door at 8.30. Hopefully wearing some clothes! Now, I’m retired whilst I still love to write early morning, I don’t have to do it quite so early.   I hasten to add, I’m not retired because of the royalties. I wish!

So think about your lifestyle. Think about what works for you in relation to writing. Is it peace and quiet, or a noisy coffee shop that makes you work. I recently read a woman who has a young baby, her husband has been deployed and she has no time in her life to write. She was crying out for help. She wanted to have the luxury of space and the time and creative energy to put her thoughts onto paper. Being a parent is a full-time job and then some. I totally admire her and anyone in a similar position. Try not to give up but give yourself a physical break. It is essential. I am also impressed she reached out and asked for help. Because that was what she was doing. Telling herself what the issue was. She could see it, she maybe didn’t have a solution right away, but she was working on it. Just by talking to the group.

Can you see where I’m going with this? Well, that’s all for now folks. I hope it has helped a little.

Good luck

Oh, and by the way, my new novel is ready for pre-order on Amazon

I would be eternally grateful if you could tell your friends. Thank you!

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