Just received my books! Excited to see The Twenty-One-Year Contract in print! Available from 9th May!

6th may


‘Gone were the long wavy titian locks. Instead, her hair was black and spiky short, just like Morven’s. She wore clothes of her own design, and as men wolf[1]whistled at her in the street as she headed for the tube, she felt completely liberated. Once installed in the tiny bedsit, she re-read the Jobs Vacant columns. There was one job that stood out from the rest. It sounded perfect. She sighed. She would need to find a telephone box and call the Latimers. Now everything was down to her.’

Interview 5

Kathleen – you finally made it to London. Did you manage to get yourself a job?

“Yes. Its great.

Madam Raines owns an Atelier and has rich and famous customers. She also seems very pleased with my work, so much so that she has asked me to work with Dorian Craddock. I’m a bit wary about Miss Craddock. She’s got a bit of a reputation, but it seems that my designs suit her well.”

Question 5:

Who is Kathleen working for and who is the new customer Kathleen is wary of?

000 — 0000 — 000 —

OKAY. The game is over. Thank you so much for taking part.

I will be drawing ONE WINNING name out of a hat and then posting the winner on my blog and facebook author page.

The Winner will have answered all the questions correctly.

The Winner will DM ME on my facebook author page with all the answers.

The Winner will the first person with all the correct answers pulled out of a hat.

The Winner will be notified and will need to provide me with their Kindle address and I will send a copy of EITHER Secrets, Shame, and a Shoebox OR The Twenty-One-Year Contract. Whichever the WINNER chooses.

Just to remind you. All correct entries will then be put into a hat and the winner drawn from that. The winner will be posted on my blog and facebook page. AND JUST TO BORE YOU WITH THE SAME DETAIL

The first person to answer all five questions correctly, and sends me the answers DM message on @LBGriffinAuthor Facebook: www.facebook.com/lynngriffinauthor listing your answers only in order and which kindle copy you would like. I will then notify the winner on Facebook and I will require your Kindle address to post your desired free copy of either Secrets, Shame, and a Shoebox or The Twenty-One-Year Contract.

Thank you for being such great sports and joining in.

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