Here we are folks #4 of a ‘bit of of quiz.

Throughout this little quiz I’ve put a few interviews of my characters together and within that an easy hint to the answer to the question.

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book signing at Henry’s café!

Interview 4.

“Hi Lucy, you’re Kathleen’s best friend aren’t you.”


“What are you doing in Polzeath, Cornwall?”

“Well you should know, but for those who don’t, my parents thought it would be nice to take Kathleen on holiday with us. To give her some time away from home.

I’m not so sure now. Kathleen can be a nightmare. Always getting me into trouble.” Lucy smiled. “I love her to bits and pieces though. I wouldn’t have her any other way.”


“…A surfboard slid to a watery halt along the shoreline, gluing itself on the sticky sand. With the distraction of the dog now gone, Lucy began frantically pacing, staring into the waves, her heart pounding with fear. She’d seen a surfer come off his board. Kathleen had disappeared under a wave. There was no sign of her. The friendly dog irritated her now, barking, leaping up around her.”

Question 4: What seaside resort are Lucy and Kathleen staying in?

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