Still thinking about that book launch.


‘Alone in her dorm at last, Kathleen retrieved a piece of paper, hidden safely from inspection, taped behind the small cupboard next to her bed. Poring over the growing list and chewing the end of a pencil, a little piece of the wood fell away, leaving the bitter taste of graphite in her mouth. She spat it out into a handkerchief. Her mouth pursed into thoughtfulness. It would take a great deal of creative thinking to pull this bit of her plan off. She would need to start with her trusted ally, Mrs. Sellers, the sewing mistress.

Interview 3

“You look busy. What are you up to Kathleen?”

“Nothing.” Kathleen looked shocked, I arrived without her knowing. She hid something under the bed.

“I know you, Kathleen. Don’t forget you’re in my head. Now tell me the truth.”

“Well, you’ll know why I’ve got to leave here then, leave forever. Uncle Jack has been so kind, but he needs to get on with his life. I’m going to London, to find work, to hone my skills. I promise Uncle Jack will come to understand.”

Question 3: where is Kathleen planning to run away to?